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My passion is to design the best possible settings for you to

unlearn, learn, and relearn all you need to achieve your goals!


Achieving goals, development, and success does not happen by chance. Art and science are behind the scenes! Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors work together as an excellent system. Change and exceptional results are possible when these gears work in harmony.


See, listen to, evaluate, and transform your system for outstanding success.


I work devotedly with the art and science of development and change. I focus on your system with compassionate curiosity, I support you with heartfelt attention and courage on your journey to realize your potential.

“Elif is an outstanding facilitator and coach, working with individuals and teams alike. She worked with my team over some months and helped us move towards a much stronger, healthier and productive unit. During this time Elif went above and beyond the letter of our agreement, extending and sharing her professional expertise and passion to support, guide and enrich our journey. I recommend her without hesitation.”


Heidi Lamont,

Regional Head of Human Resources

The Coca-Cola Company

Marvelous clients, I am delighted to work for and with...

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