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Elif Suner MBA, MEd, PCC

Forbes Coaches Council / Leadership and Team Coach

Faculty at Gestalt Center for Coaching / Mentor - ICF Accreditation

I am excited to witness my clients revealing their inner power and realizing their own potential throughout my Coaching and Training programs. My clients both as individuals and as teams typically benefit by reaching their goals, overcoming obstacles, unlocking their potential, and managing themselves emotionally and cognitively towards their goals. By the end of the coaching sessions and/or workshops, they report that they feel clarity, self-confidence, and effectiveness. Clients have said that the sessions;  “…helped us move towards a much stronger, healthier and productive unit.” “I learned how to clarify what I want to say and say it courageously and clearly by understanding my and others' emotions and thoughts as a system. This totally changed my leadership style” “You encouraged me to express my most valuable insights. It is amazing to see how they are impactful on others.”, “We discovered our strengths both individually and as a team. We are totally a different team”, “Feeling the power of teamwork and having the opportunity to discover our team’s unknown strengths through sharing and communication were such great experiences. I learned how wonderful the results can be when we share between us. Thank you so much for your contribution to our empowerment as a team and our heightened mutual awareness.”


I bring curiosity, courage, compassion, and support to my clients as we find the best possible routes by which to replace their unwanted or unproductive habits. They say that I see and hear the things that are often left unseen and unsaid.  “We experienced all the right things at all the right times for the outcome we reached. Thank you for your impactful analysis of us and for the genuine and intimate climate you have created within our team.”…“Every session was amazing. Sometimes exciting, sometimes revelatory, ultimately enlightening. I left each session curious about the next one”…“Thank you so much for encouraging me to express my ‘human’ side. In our office, we listen to each other and express ourselves much better now than we did before. I believe that we work more meaningfully, now, as a team.” “Elif had a great presence throughout the session, all participants felt that they were seen and heard”


I am known as a highly committed Professional and Group Coach and Trainer who is generous at sharing expertise and well-experienced at foreseeing obstacles, saving time and energy in change and development at both the individual and the group level. “During this time Elif went above and beyond the letter of our agreement, extending and sharing her professional expertise and passion to support, guide and enrich our journey.” “She did more than encouraging us—she was also highly engaged, very willing to share her expertise, and excellent at following up on the milestones of the projects. We reached an excellent outcome with her support.”


I love cases which challenge me as a Professional Coach and Trainer. It is my passion to resolve difficult and ingrained problems and to provide support and relief for my clients. The results are impactful: “I did not expect this struggle will be that easy to be resolved” “We had tried many methods for a long time without seeing satisfactory results. However, the outcome was amazing. I am impressed with the power of her method and, more critically, with Elif Suner’s personality and expertise in using her method” “She adapted her expertise to our corporate culture and passed it on to us. She showed us what to do and how to do it, and she prepared us for potential obstacles so that we had no difficulty during the implementation of the programs. We still feel her invaluable support, thank you so much”


I am a professional coach and learning and development executive with more than twenty years of in-depth experience and outstanding qualifications. My professional background includes


  • 20+ years of experience in Learning and Development

  • 2,500+ hours of executive and team coaching sessions,

  • 20,000+ participants in training programs and workshops,

  • 100+ transformational change projects in multicultural environments in various countries and with many international companies like Coca-Cola, Toyota, Henkel, etc.


My roles vary according to the needs;


  • Forbes Coaches Council,

  • ICF Accredited PCC Coach,

  • Faculty at Gestalt Center for Coaching,

  • Mentor Coach for ICF Accreditation,

  • Facilitator and Instructor,

  • Conflict Coach and Third Party Neutral certified by the Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution and

  • Trained in working with Enneagram.




  • Change Management,

  • Leadership Development,

  • Emotional Intelligence,

  • Unlocking Potential,

  • Conflict Resolution, 

  • Managing Self.


I worked as a Learning and Development Executive for international corporations for thirteen years before joining Eurosis Consulting as a Partner in 2005. As a Partner, I developed and led learning and development projects, which consisted of individual and group coaching, training and workshops, and consultancy, until 2017. In 2010, I joined the Gestalt Coaching Program at the Gestalt Center for Coaching. After completing the Mastery in Gestalt Coaching program, I proudly became the faculty of the Gestalt Center for Coaching, one of the most respected coaching schools. In this capacity, I care about the training of new coaches and the development and standardization of coaching as a business. I believe coaching is one of the most effective methods of Learning and Development!


As a Mentor of Coaches, I support new coaches, mentor them for ICF Accreditation, and give them feedback about ICF Competencies, and support them to develop their competencies accordingly which is crucial to the standardization of coaching as a business.


I have always been passionate about stories, and this passion led me to the Gestalt Coaching Program. When I discovered that our life stories are written not by the events we face, but by our responses to those events, my own life story evolved from focusing on others to centering my own needs and wants. When we change the perspective of our own story, we start to connect more with our inner power and manage our lives more effectively. Different choices bring different results. With this approach, I transformed my story into a more “me” story. This insight fuels my passion at work!


I observe that when we overcome obstacles of our own creation and replace them with strengths we had thus far struggled to incorporate into our lives, we lead lives of deeper meaning. We experience peace and excitement by enabling or reinforcing our potential, thus fostering positivity in our lives. My mission is to cultivate positivity!


but I also authored tens of articles and projects. I was privileged to enrich my knowledge with many theories and a Master of Education in Professional Development at Ottawa University, I focused on Coaching, Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, and Leadership. Not only did I read hundreds of articles,During my studies as models, and to blend and grasp my practical experience with the latest academic resources and theories. I love to have this toolkit of various models and theories to blend with my clients’ own experiences in order to elevate their learning. I strongly believe that learning is one of the most crucial elements of a peaceful life!


Today, as a certified Third-Party Neutral and Conflict Coach, I focus according to clients’ needs on conflicts both Resolution.I focused on effective resolution methods for both inner and interpersonal conflicts for almost one year while studying Conflict Resolution-Third Party Neutral at the Canadian Institute of Conflict intra- and interpersonal. I am highly motivated to give peace a chance!


I carry a torch for the Gestalt approach, and I am a heartfelt Gestalt Coach! As an active practitioner of the Gestalt method, I work often with both individuals and groups. I love Gestalt: it is amazing to experience transformations of self through a here-and-now approach which so effectively shows the whole picture. This method takes my coaching style away from asking powerful questions alone, to a unique experience that opens the window to new, better options for realizing one’s potential.


I had three years of System Constellation training, which showed me the importance of our ancestors and of the collective consciousness in our lives and our decisions. I learned to work with the system constellation method to cultivate awareness, using it both at individual and group coaching sessions and at workshops. It is an impactful means of learning and seeing new perspectives on the “old” issues.


I love to design creative learning projects which center effectiveness. It is my personal interest to search for better methods of learning and development for any subject we mean to change. I am proud to design new concepts that take unfocused thoughts, issues, attitudes, and emotions and transform them into ones which serve us in better ways.


In a nutshell, I have devoted my life to the art and science of learning and development. Being in the cycle of learning, unlearning and relearning makes lives more positive, peaceful, and meaningful. I love to share this miracle!